“No compromise with Compliance”
underlines the zero-tolerance policy we are determined to reinforce.

In today’s world, being compliant is no longer just about doing the right thing. It’s about operational excellence, business success and mitigating risks. It’s also about strengthening our license to operate and reinforcing our sustainable leadership in the Airport Industry. To be a leader, we must lead in every field: investment, airport operations, engineering, design and also compliance.

The Industry, ADP International Perimeter* as a whole – and each of us as individuals – are exposed to Compliance Risk.

Promoting the highest standards in terms of ethics and compliance, not only contributes to the mitigation and efficient management of our own risks but also to those of all customers, business partners and governments with whom we interact. These Compliance standards provide an additional guarantee of professional reliability and fairness in the context of the relationship of trust and mutual respect with our stakeholders.

We do not have to fundamentally change our values. But we do have to move from thinking of compliance as just a company rule to knowing that compliance is an absolutely essential way of being and working for us all, with no exception.

Respecting people, local cultures and rules is our natural way. Our goal is to achieve a state where everyone who works for or with a company within ADP International Perimeter behaves in a fully compliant way, naturally and instinctively, without even needing to think about it.

The slogan of our program – “No compromise with Compliance” – underlines the zero tolerance policy we are determined to reinforce.

*ADP International Perimeter includes ADP International headquarters, subsidiaries and shareholdings, ADP Ingénierie and its subsidiaries, TAV Holding and subsidiaries and Airport International Group (AIG).