A common compliance program applies to all companies of ADP international perimeter.

An independent function oversees and administers this Compliance program.

The ADP International Perimeter compliance function is part of the scope of responsibility of the Audit, Compliance, Risk Management and Quality department of ADP International which is headed by Christian Laveau as Chief Audit, Risk Management, Compliance and Quality Officer.

The ADP International perimeter compliance function’s main mission is to pilot and monitor the compliance process within ADP International perimeter according to Groupe ADP requirements, the Compliance & Ethics Policy and the 6 milestones of the ADP International Perimeter compliance program.

It deploys the ADP international perimeter compliance program within ADP International perimeter at a corporate, affiliate or JV level. It guarantees that compliance guidelines are implemented and respected.

The ADP International perimeter compliance function also acts as a permanent compliance help desk for any questions related to compliance.

– AIG compliance function ’ main mission is to ensure that the ADP International Perimeter compliance program is fully understood, and Compliance & Ethics Policy and Compliance guidelines are deployed, implemented and respected in AIG entities. The Compliance Department also acts as a permanent advisor for compliance topics within AIG. Hazem Khirfan as AIG Legal & Compliance Director is in charge of AIG compliance function.

If in doubt about any compliance related issue, contact the compliance team at AIG:

Or ADP International Chief Audit - Risk Management - Compliance & Quality Officer at: