The code of conduct provides guidance for all employees of ADP International Perimeter* and also to our third parties, including suppliers, partners and customers in order to work in an ethical manner and in accordance with the law.

The code of conduct summarizes the “Compliance Intangible Principles” developed in our Ethical and Compliance policy and Anti Bribery/Corruption (ABAC) Guidelines.
These detailed Guidelines will be published no later than June 2018.

The code of conduct is not intended to address or anticipate every situation. It provides guidance regarding what is the correct behavior.

Future updates to this first edition will add new rules.

* ADP International Perimeter includes ADP International headquarters, subsidiaries and shareholdings, offices and joint-ventures, ADP Ingénierie and its subsidiaries, TAV Holding and its subsidiaries.
For any questions about the code, contact:
your line manager
ADP International Chief Audit - Risk Management - Compliance & Quality Officer
TAV Head of Internal Audit
ADP Ingénierie Compliance Officer
our dedicated e-mail address: